Le Femme Du Monde

Raising money for the Children's Health (Formerly Children's Medical Center) and World Affairs Council!




Creator and Producer of short internet TV style episodes Comet's Burning Bright, covering the Shooting Stars of University of Texas at Dallas /UTD:) 


*Space Princess Character known worldwide as a Producer/Reporter for the latest & future of NASA.


Volunteering History in Texas and around the World. As a Daughter of the Republic of Texas, I find it crucial that we lend a helping hand whenever we can to make Texas the BEST Country on Earth! :P



NASA love

From TAG/GT, to Aerospace Scholars, to NASA Social Media, Media & Producer &


Credentials, to National & International Outreach as Space Princess!


You can donate to her & her 501c3 crew. 


Currently finishing a degree in Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas. Interested in the brain in microgravity. For all other inquiries please visit my Education & Continuing Medical Education tabs on the home page.




A list of charities connected with through friends in the community and adventures in my blog.


Here you will find information pertaining to political activism with 

Texas Politics & Beyond.

From starting a campaign for tax-free books, to changing medical laws, and acting as Vice President of Turning Point USA ( UTD Chapter with then President Rosalyn Huff.

Your Scientific socialite

Here you will find information about projects, memberships, and affiliations of Andrea Pearson-Haas.

women are from mars, men just want your venus

The race to space

As history has pointed out, women were not the first humans to explore the moon. We have an opportunity to do away with the sterotypes of gender conformalities when we say- first human. Equal rights can happen on a new planet if we cannot provide the environment for our own. I am proud of the progress we have made for women to act as leaders and look forward to the us electing a Woman President of the United States. So feel free to join me on my adventures and get an inside look at what I think if you dare. 


NASA is planning to go to Mars in 2030, Elon Musk vows he has plans to get there before the US, but on a one way colonization mission. My proposal to NASA was a 50 billion dollar manned mission with a cognitive rover in 2018. In return for my ideas to them, I hold an NCAS Aerospace Scholars certificate for 2012 from the college division.


Some of my friends say I should be a comedian, I like to tell witty off the wall but cleverly played on words synopsis whimsicals. 


I am a feminist, in case the obvious eluded you. I support human rights, which includes Women's Rights.



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